How Drama Therapy Can Be Beneficial In Treating Anxiety


From taking up hobbies to meditating, there is more than one way to relieve stress, a build-up of which can cause serious psychological distress.

In some cases, it may be necessary for one to seek help in a sort of talk therapy, which allows those who suffer from such ailments to confide and receive advice from a professional psychiatrist. An example of this service is BetterHelp therapy online service providers, which can provide assistance to anyone with an issue at a time most convenient to them.

However, for those who are not comfortable speaking with another about their personal dilemmas, but could use the help regardless, another option is available: drama therapy.

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Caring For Those Who Deserve The Best: Mental Health And Our Veterans


The men and women who are part of all branches of the armed services are putting their lives on the line each and every day to help us live a long and happy life. Each day they go without seeing their family is a big enough sacrifice for them, but each day that they live in an unfamiliar country, where they never know if they are going to come home again, is a struggle that those back at home knows nothing about. Getting them the help that they need when they do finally get to come home is crucial.

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4 Millennial Problems That Exist

Life is so easy for the millennials according to some. They don’t need to continuously fight for gender or racial equality because it’s already at play. The ladies are free to receive higher education and become an achiever without anyone holding them back. The electronic gadgets you get these days only exist in the dreams as well of the previous generations.


But as luxurious as the life of a young adult seems it’s not all rainbows and cupcakes for everyone. There are real millennial problems that the oldies may never understand. Below are some of them.

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The Good and The Bad in Societal Pressure


Technology is at its prime and virtual reality is even possible now, but the rules dictated by the society are still in effect. Some may mean no harm and can keep us on the straight path; however, there are also ideas that our predecessors expect us to follow without batting an eyelid. It’s all about societal pressure – or peer pressure, as many call it.  Continue reading “The Good and The Bad in Societal Pressure” »

Spoilt for Choice: The New Pressure Of Finding Your Future


What do you want to be when you grow up?  

From an early age, I grew up watching the popular 90’s American comedy Frasier almost every morning before school as my mum would usually have it on in the background. Immediately I was fascinated by the profession of the main character Frasier Crane, a radio talk show psychologist. Even though it is probably not the best source of Psychology facts or information, I was instantly hooked, and I knew I too wanted to study Psychology. I bought second-hand text books from Car boot sales (or Flea markets for any Americans reading this) and immersed myself in the fascinating topic. At the age of 15 I chose to study it at college (Late high school for you Americans again, 16-18 years) where I obtained top marks and later took it at University and graduated with the highest possible grade.

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Man Up The Impact Of Media On Being A Modern Man


Since the conception of advertising, we have been exposed to a prodigious number of adverts on daily basis with the primary goal being to influence our thoughts, behaviors, and above all our purchasing decisions. Naturally with this type of intention many adverts have attracted a large amount of controversy whilst attempting to grab our intention. Potentially one of the key concerns within modern advertising and media in general is it’s influence on young women and how women are represented.


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Plugged In The Impact Of Constant Stimulation In Our Modern Lives


I live and work in a hostel, an environment full of young and active individuals. In many ways, hostels are a fantastic location to witness people from all backgrounds socializing and mingling. However, it is also a common occurrence to see the exact opposite. Large groups of people all hunched over their computers and phones silently focused in their own personal bubble. Because of my work as a writer, I am frequently a member of this quiet and anti-social crowd. There is always an exception and sometimes people just need to get their head down and work. However, in our day and age, this introverted group is worryingly common. I see a frightening amount of people prioritizing their attention towards their phone the moment it buzzes. In our modern society, we have eliminated any possibility of boredom assuming we have our phone (which we usually do) and a good internet connection.


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Sweet Dreams Sleep In Our Modern Lives


For as long as I can remember I have almost always had a nightly battle switching my brain off to get a good night of rest. From Progressive Muscle Tension Relaxation to drinking many types of herbal teas, I have tried it all and I can honestly say very little has proven to be effective. With that in mind, my situation is not particularly life crippling. I almost always fall asleep after a while, even if it is after a few hours of my brain running through every imaginable scenario. Whilst dabbling in many possible sleep aids I also found multiple examples of what not to do for a good night sleep. As our attachment and love for technology grow, so does this list.

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The Pursuit Of Happiness: Misconceptions Of Obtaining Happiness In Our Modern World



Many people think they know what will bring them happiness, and even more worryingly you will probably meet many people who think they know what it takes to make you happy and what you should do with your life to be happy. The truth is that nobody knows exactly what it takes. It can be a variety of things, both physical and psychological which varies from person to person. In many ways,’s definition of happiness sums it up perfectly. Happiness is “The quality or state of being happy”, which is completely accurate yet sheds very little light on what this entails or how it occurs. Despite its elusive nature, recent research indicates links between what does and doesn’t make us happy.

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The Psychological And Social Impact Of The Female Image In Modern Media

Now is a very interesting time for women. Their image in the media, their progress regarding power and respect is ambiguous and conflicting. Over previous years progress has been made in certain areas. We are now seeing more and more women in greater positions of power such as Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook or Meg Whitman at HP. In 1981, women made up only 5.6 percent of the top one percent. In 2012 that figure was reported to be at 18.3 percent. Clearly, progress has been made here and women are gaining more and more power. Last year’s presidential election saw the first ever female candidate, Hilary Clinton, to make it to the penultimate position in the election race. Throughout the campaign, frequently brought up the topic of feminism, women in power, and women’s progress for equality were raised.

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