How Drama Therapy Can Be Beneficial In Treating Anxiety


From taking up hobbies to meditating, there is more than one way to relieve stress, a build-up of which can cause serious psychological distress.

In some cases, it may be necessary for one to seek help in a sort of talk therapy, which allows those who suffer from such ailments to confide and receive advice from a professional psychiatrist. An example of this service is BetterHelp therapy online service providers, which can provide assistance to anyone with an issue at a time most convenient to them.

However, for those who are not comfortable speaking with another about their personal dilemmas, but could use the help regardless, another option is available: drama therapy.

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Caring For Those Who Deserve The Best: Mental Health And Our Veterans


The men and women who are part of all branches of the armed services are putting their lives on the line each and every day to help us live a long and happy life. Each day they go without seeing their family is a big enough sacrifice for them, but each day that they live in an unfamiliar country, where they never know if they are going to come home again, is a struggle that those back at home knows nothing about. Getting them the help that they need when they do finally get to come home is crucial.

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4 Millennial Problems That Exist

Life is so easy for the millennials according to some. They don’t need to continuously fight for gender or racial equality because it’s already at play. The ladies are free to receive higher education and become an achiever without anyone holding them back. The electronic gadgets you get these days only exist in the dreams as well of the previous generations.


But as luxurious as the life of a young adult seems it’s not all rainbows and cupcakes for everyone. There are real millennial problems that the oldies may never understand. Below are some of them.

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The Good and The Bad in Societal Pressure


Technology is at its prime and virtual reality is even possible now, but the rules dictated by the society are still in effect. Some may mean no harm and can keep us on the straight path; however, there are also ideas that our predecessors expect us to follow without batting an eyelid. It’s all about societal pressure – or peer pressure, as many call it.  Continue reading “The Good and The Bad in Societal Pressure” »

The Psychological And Social Impact Of The Female Image In Modern Media

Now is a very interesting time for women. Their image in the media, their progress regarding power and respect is ambiguous and conflicting. Over previous years progress has been made in certain areas. We are now seeing more and more women in greater positions of power such as Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook or Meg Whitman at HP. In 1981, women made up only 5.6 percent of the top one percent. In 2012 that figure was reported to be at 18.3 percent. Clearly, progress has been made here and women are gaining more and more power. Last year’s presidential election saw the first ever female candidate, Hilary Clinton, to make it to the penultimate position in the election race. Throughout the campaign, frequently brought up the topic of feminism, women in power, and women’s progress for equality were raised.

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Till Divorce Do Us Part? The Implications of Marriage in Today’s Modern Life

With 50 percent of all marriages now ending in divorce, it begs the question “Is the tradition relative in our modern society, or better still, why can so few of us no longer make it work?”. As a 24-year-old nomadic traveler, marriage is not currently the highest item on my to do list. With that being, I often ponder if this tradition is for me considering my parents are separated, as well as both of their parents. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in love, but it appears to be so rare to find and so much harder to maintain in our modern world that I wonder if a happily ever after ending is a lottery that only a few of us are lucky enough to win.

There are clearly many reasons people choose to divorce. Money worries, infidelity or lack of communication can all be key issues. None of these are particularly new problems that we face, yet in recent years we have consistently seen a rise in divorce rates, but why? Are we just becoming less and less patient due to modern expectations, or is it just because society now allows us to show our true colours regarding commitment? The answer is complicated as research appears to suggest a combination of both.

Many studies indicated that we now have a higher expectation of what marriage should provide. For many of us, when we find that special someone, we now expect them to provide so much more than our previous generations. We rarely have the luxury of only one person needing to work to hold down a household, as a result this has become a shared responsibility which also adds to financial concerns. Along with household responsibilities we also expect our partner to be a source of unconditional trust, adventurous love, a constant source of support, and above all to fulfil our need for a close companion. In previous years, these roles are likely to have been spread out among multiple people. In addition to this, modern married individuals spend less time with friends, and family members compared with their single counterparts.

Our society has also encouraged a dangerous attitude of immediate gratification and expectation. With amazon prime giving us whatever we desire the very next day and Netflix releasing the whole series at once, we never need to wait. This expectation can infectiously spread to other areas of our lives leading us to believe that all our problems can be easily fixed. As a result, many couples are not willing to give marriage the same effort that many generations before us had too. Furthermore, ease of divorce has increased while the taboo surrounding divorce has notably decreased, increasing the appeal of taking the easy way out.

One final factor to consider is the amount of quality time partners spend with each other. This is a great indicator of a marriage’s success rate and over the previous year, we have seen the amount of quality time partners spend with each other decrease. Without this essential element marriages can often end up disappointing and unsatisfied.

The good news is that marriage isn’t dead. Despite the decline in its success at least half of all couples that make a go at it still manage to make it work. In our modern society, it is important to understand that we must give our relationships more effort, and above all more quality time for them to succeed. It is easy to get caught up in the modern rush with an overwhelming list of expectations from a partner.

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Self-Esteem Issues

We have all come far in this world and yet we all still struggle with self-esteem. Now, even though you don’t really think about your self-esteem right now, there have been times when it was a major issue. The problem is that there are so many reasons and lots of elements that contribute to these issues. Yes, you may feel good but many others are not as yet in that position. It is a worrying factor and something that needs to be addressed too. However, it seems there are fewer people who are willing to address self-esteem issues.

Why Has Self-Esteem Issues Become So Much Of A Problem?

To be honest, there are thousands who have self-esteem issues and it’s all down to how they see themselves. Now, when you look in the mirror you see you but that view of you might not be what you think it is. For example, you can look in the mirror and see a tall figure with blue eyes and long blonde hair but you don’t like what you see. Instead, you see someone who is fat, ugly, and generally someone you dislike. Why is this happening to thousands of people? It’s because of perception and how we each individually see ourselves. Do we like what we see? No, and yet we don’t do anything about it. Continue reading “Self-Esteem Issues” »