Some Days Are Good, Some Are Bad – Coping With Anxiety Disorder



Anxiety is an emotion characterized by an unpleasant inner turmoil, accompanied by nervous behavior — a feeling of uneasiness and worry. Almost everyone experienced anxiety. It is a normal reaction to stress. But when you’re experiencing intense anxiety and heightened fear along with other unpleasant physical symptoms on an extended period, it could be that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. It is important to understand this early on because if left unchecked, could lead a person to other problems, more commonly alcohol and substance abuse and would need help with addiction among others.

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Self-Esteem Issues

We have all come far in this world and yet we all still struggle with self-esteem. Now, even though you don’t really think about your self-esteem right now, there have been times when it was a major issue. The problem is that there are so many reasons and lots of elements that contribute to these issues. Yes, you may feel good but many others are not as yet in that position. It is a worrying factor and something that needs to be addressed too. However, it seems there are fewer people who are willing to address self-esteem issues.

Why Has Self-Esteem Issues Become So Much Of A Problem?

To be honest, there are thousands who have self-esteem issues and it’s all down to how they see themselves. Now, when you look in the mirror you see you but that view of you might not be what you think it is. For example, you can look in the mirror and see a tall figure with blue eyes and long blonde hair but you don’t like what you see. Instead, you see someone who is fat, ugly, and generally someone you dislike. Why is this happening to thousands of people? It’s because of perception and how we each individually see ourselves. Do we like what we see? No, and yet we don’t do anything about it. Continue reading “Self-Esteem Issues” »

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Health And Well-being Education

Do you really need educating on health and well-being? For the most part, you’d think you know how to look after yourself and how to ensure you stay healthy for longer, but do you? Well, in truth, there are many who are lacking in terms of health education and find they aren’t as prepared as they thought. Being fully educated over health and well-being can be extremely important and something that helps you on a daily basis.

It’s about being physically and emotionally healthy

A lot of people associated health and well-being education with physical fitness and health. However, while it’s very much important to remain physically healthy, you also need to be emotionally healthy. Your mind needs to be as healthy as your heart because they work in tandem and if one is unhealthy, they both are in reality. That is why health and well-being education is a must and it has become something more and more people need on a daily basis, too. Continue reading “Health And Well-being Education” »

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Family Harmony

Which family doesn’t argue? Every single family argues whether it’s over whose turn it is to pick the family day activity, or who gets to use the bathroom first! Even when a family has grown, harmony doesn’t always come. People love one another but they can argue and be less harmonious than possible! However, can family harmony really help heal a family and what should you do to try and bring family harmony to your household? This site partly talks about it.

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